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Our Story

Established in 1984 by fishermen Richard Goodwin and Geir Monsen, the current owners Glenn and Kyle Goodwin combine for more than 70 years in the fishing industry. The Goodwin brothers continue to value the integrity and commitment that enabled Seafreeze to build global partnerships with industry leaders all over the world.


Seafreeze Ltd. is a fishing company strategically located on the U.S. East Coast to harvest fish and squid from the Western Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.  We can supply customers with a variety of options and products, whether it is Seafreeze Ltd.  production or products from our partners worldwide.

Seafreeze Ltd. is the largest producer and trader of sea-frozen seafood on the U.S. East Coast. 


“The Only Thing We Treat Our Fish with Is Respect”


The same holds true as to how we treat our customers. In this industry, relationships and trust are of the utmost importance. We are committed to work closely with our customers to satisfy their needs with exceptional service. At our customers request we can finance and store products to meet their needs and requirements. At Seafreeze we stand behind everything we sell.


Our customers quickly come to value the unique opportunity of having a direct source to 100% all natural wild-caught seafood, which has been harvested through sustainable methods since our founding.

We are a Fishing Company Operated & Run by Fishermen

Seafreeze Ltd. has been in the fishing business for over 30 years. This experience combined with our technology, fleet of fishing vessels, industry knowledge and relentless pursuit for a superior product has made Seafreeze Ltd. a requested brand throughout the globe. 

Our high capacity freezer trawlers, F/V Relentless and F/V Persistence, are aptly named. With respective holding capacities of 320 metric tons — and their combined ability to freeze about 110 metric tons of seafood per day. These HACCP certified vessels use species specific nets to selectively trawl for our targeted species.


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