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The Frozen-At-Sea Difference

Using our fresh-frozen process on a wide variety of species, Seafreeze provides the versatility of frozen with a quality that rivals fresh – the catch is frozen within hours of its capture.

As soon as the catch is harvested by our technologically advanced vessels, it is guided to our -2° Celsius maintained sea-water tanks. It is then hand-packed and sent to our horizontal plate freezers, which preserves freshness and quality.

Our Frozen at Sea Products: 

·   Illex Squid(Illex Illecebrosus) Season: May through September

·   Loligo/Boston Squid (Loligo doryteuthis (Amerigo) pealeii) Season: January through December

·  Atlantic Mackerel (Scomber Scombrus) Season: December through May

·  Atlantic Herring(Clupea Harengus) Season: Available year round

·  Atlantic Butterfish(Peprilus Triacanthus) Season: December through March

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